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Borinken is the indigenous name of the island of Puerto Rico given it by the Arawak Indians.

Management Team





After graduating from high school in 1996, he attended the University of Puerto Rico (Mayagüez Campus). After a year in Mayagüez he moved to New York to attend SUNY Maritime College. At SUNY, he completed his studies in Marine Operations.  In May 2001 Ruben received his Bachelor’s Degree in Science and a Third Mate’s License to work on board sea going ships. 




Ruben worked during his summer vacations for 4 consecutive years with Puerto Rico Towing & Barge Co. in Puerto Rico, to acquire experience and earn his keep. This opportunity has been invaluable to his overall education and has given Ruben the depth that only a seaman that can experience work with both tugboats and ocean going ships can attain.  




At age 23, when he graduated from Suny Maritime College in New York, Ruben had already visited countries and navigated thru oceans & seas that many people that have worked in the maritime Industry for a lot of years, have never seen, or even “dream of” seeing. In June 2003 after accumulating 3 years of sea time, Ruben joined Capt. Iglesias & Associates Inc. (CI&A). 




Ruben has been instrumental in the development of CI&A services and he was a key factor in the negotiation of CI&A’s main contracts.  




Ruben continues to work in ocean going ships 3 or 4 months every year and is a Partner & Director of Capt. Iglesias & Associates Inc.  He presently holds a valid 2nd Mate Unlimited License and a 1,600 Master’s License issued by the US Coast Guard.










Carlos Xavier is a true seaman. When he is on time off from his regular work in ships or tugs, he is fishing, surfing or just enjoying a day at the beach. His love for ships and the sea is a driving force that has given meaning and direction to his life ever since he was born.




Carlos Xavier graduated from Sunny Maritime College (SUNY) in New York in May 2002. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and a Second Mate’s License to work on board sea going ships. 




Since he graduated in 2002, Carlos Xavier has been working in vessels for the Master Mates & Pilots Union, the Military Sea Lift Command, J Ray McDermott, Horizon, Puerto Rico Tug & Barge Inc., and many others. Carlos Xavier is presently working as tug Captain for Harbor Fuels, Puerto Rico.










Capt. Iglesias holds a valid 1600 GRT Masters License upon oceans. He commenced his career in 1965 as an ordinary seaman with the Porto Rico Lighterage Co. In 1970 he got his first license and started working as mate and relief captain in ocean voyages between the US Gulf and Puerto Rico. In 1972, Capt. Iglesias was appointed to a permanent master’s position.  




In 1976 Crowley Maritime Corp. acquired the assets of the Porto Rico Lighterage Co. and he was offered a Port Captain’s position. Crowley Maritime Corporation was the largest tug & Barge Company in the USA. Very soon after that several new 9,000 HP ocean tugs and 730 foot container barges (the largest in the world at that time) where operating out of the Port of San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rican operation would become one of Crowley’s most important business units at a worldwide level.  




Between 1976 and 1999 Capt. Iglesias worked for Crowley Maritime Corporation in several operations positions of increasing responsibilities, including: Operations Manager in Jacksonville and Puerto Rico. General Manager and Vice President of CMS, Caribbean Services in Puerto Rico.  




During his 40 year career in the tug & barge industry, 23 of them with Crowley Maritime Corporation, Captain Iglesias has been involved with all aspects of towing:  Ship Docking, Oil Barge Towing, General Towing, Rescue Tows, Salvage, Pushing and Inland Towing.  




His responsibilities during the last 15 years with Crowley included the following:




1.  Marine Transportation Contract Negotiations




2.  Marketing Strategy for Puerto Rico & the Caribbean




3.  Customer Service 




Capt. Iglesias served 2 years as Vice President / President of the Pilot Advisory Board of the Puerto Rico Ports Authority and 4 years as an active member of the Towing Safety Advisory Committee (TSAC) of the US Department of Transportation. 




In 1999 Capt. Iglesias separated from Crowley to pursue a long time desire to become an independent marine consultant and broker. 




During the last seven years Capt. Iglesias & Associates Inc. has performed jobs for Bacardi Corp., Hovensa Ltd., Hess Oil Co., Grupo Carmelo Inc., Seacoast Towing Inc., Global Offshore International Ltd., the PR Harbor Pilot Commission, American Tugs Inc., Titan Maritime Ltd., Alexakos & Simpson, Resolve Marine Group and many other well known companies.        



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